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Notebook Repair | We Understand. Notebooks Can Be A Big Investment.
One Price Notebook Repair

If your notebook performance starts to fail, there are too many things that might stop you cold.

Now you have a choice, with no guessing about the cost of a repair. Our service includes parts and labor.

Call XPC Corp at 1-800-881-6199 and we can help. Pay one price for Notebook Repair Service (except for screen replacement). Or you may want to choose our low price diagnostic support call, it may be just what you need.

We can help arrange special shipping for many major brands of notebook PCs from your door to our My Office Help Desk repair facility.

We service HP®, Compaq®, Acer®, Toshiba®, Gateway®, Lenovo® and Dell® branded notebook computers with a Pentium® 3 class (or AMD(TM) equivalent) processor or greater. Our Notebook Repair Service is not available for other brands (including Apple® or Sony® notebook computers). See Terms of Service for more details.

You a pay flat rate fees for repair which includes labor, shipping, and parts (except screens) – additional shipping charges may apply for AK and HI.

Basic One Price Notebook Repair Service is just $299, and includes replacement of up to two of the following replaceable parts to meet original factory specifications: A/C adaptor, keyboard, hard drive, optical media drive, D/C jack, fans, floppy drive, heat sink, hinge, non-system board, modem, microphone, cable, I/O port, inverter, and memory. This service may also include repair of following parts, if required: system board/motherboard, processor (CPU), repairable LCDs. Screen replacement is not included. Software fixes are included, but does not include total operating system or applications reloads.

Additional charges for labor and parts will apply for notebooks with extreme failure issues. Damage limitations and other considerations apply. See our Terms of Service for details.

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